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We only sell the bestWe are an expert in audio technology, we carefully select our range of products

Welcome to Pro audio bandung, your one stop shop for your audio needs.

We sell a wide range of audio speakers and accessories from your everyday needs to the very high ends.

12 Sep. 2014 Posted by admin
12 Sep. 2014 Posted by admin
11 Sep. 2014 Posted by admin

NAD C 245BEE Four-Channel Amplifier

Specifications :

The C 245BEE is an amplifier with uncommon talent. With its four-channel architecture it can provide several system building options. Used with our C 165BEE preamp, it offers more than enough power to drive the loudspeaker of your choice with the interesting option to bi-amplify. Connected to the Zone Output of our AV Receiver, the C 245BEE can send different music programs to remote speakers.

11 Sep. 2014 Posted by admin

CARY SL 100 Pre

Specifications :

11 Sep. 2014 Posted by admin